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Roof Paint deterioration (not blisters....)


My 2019 220d MP had a roof replacement under warranty in late 2020. I bought the vehicle in late 2021 and have noticed that the paint adjacent to the roof rails is deteriorating. I only noticed the issue when drying the car and the drying towel snagged on the paint. Initially I though that it was swarf in the paint but it looks like the paint has started to flake away from the roof. My local dealer advised that it was poor workmanship and I'm now in contact with the dealer that undertook the roof replacement. In the meantime:
1 - Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?
2 - does anyone know if there should be a gasket between the roof and rail?
PXL_20220324_174222452 (002).jpg
PXL_20220324_174208137 (002).jpg


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To me that looks like your roof was re-sprayed not replaced and to rub a little salt into the issue the body shop didn’t strip the bars from the roof before hand. Maybe they just masked them off. It’s pretty poor…


Looks that way although Mercedes records show that a new roof was issued...will need to work out how to tell (assume there is a batch number somewhere?)

The dealer has asked to see the vehicle which is progress but it's a 340 mile/7 hr round trip for me.

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Quick update - I dropped by the dealer last week and it didn't take long for them to agree to repaint the roof.