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Middle seats on MP Horizon?


New Member
Hello folks

My first post on this forum. I’m looking to buy a new MP Horizon. When we’re not off on weekends camping and travelling, the vehicle needs to double up as an MPV, carrying up to 7 people, much like the V-class MPV. The idea is when reverting to camper van configuration, we would remove the centre seats to allow the rear bench to fold flat into a bed.

My question is whether any of you are aware of the following:

  • Can the new MP Horizon be fitted with two extra seats in the middle row to make it a 7 seater? The brochure doesn’t offer the option, but I was thinking of fitting them after market if it is technically possible. It seems this may have been possible with older models, but wanted to make sure it is possible for the new MP.
  • Can the MP Horizon be optioned with an auxiliary heater to keep warm overnight when the engine isn’t running? Again can’t see this option on the brochure.
I’m finding dealer knowledge very limited, and nobody I speak to can answer either of these questions, which is frustrating. These issues would be deal breakers for me, but dealers just seem blasé and suggest I buy the car, then sort these problems out later!

The newly launched VW Calif Beach does offer the above options, but really for the money the MP just seems a better bet for us, so keen to see if I can resolve these issues.

Thanks in advance!