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Marco Polo 220d sport most options

Hi all,

This is not yet a firm sale, however our dream house has just come up for sale unexpectedly, so we might have to part with our Marco and downgrade to a cheap 4x4

The Marco is financed so only likely to be suitable for a cash buyer as I doubt the finance can be transferred.

We would only be looking to clear the finance (and not capitalise on the current MP shortage) which I imagine is around the £50k mark *edit* SALE FIGURE IS £49,100.90

The MP has 9000 miles on it and was registered December 17 (it has the cup holders and internal lights) and other than some scratches in the rear from taking the bed in and out it’s in excellent condition.

It had the star guard treatment inside and out and this does seem to work pretty well.

The (truly excellent) shower cap and screen cover would also be included, we also fitted mud flaps.

BB82F76A-AFA3-43B2-AFFC-0D969858473F.jpeg E17A1A3F-87D0-497B-8855-A2F87E1D927D.jpeg
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Photographs of the 5th seat as requested.

We shuffled the floor shuttles around so we could have it in the rear so the kids are closer to the front seats. We’ve only used it twice.
In this configuration I can comfortable sit in any seat (I am 6’) with plenty of knee room to spare

A7FE9011-5934-4851-A794-473D4A819EBC.jpeg 49852D4E-3F94-4A3B-94F5-0580C07846F5.jpeg 1AB64DD6-D986-400D-AF48-DA289CAF1C03.jpeg
Hi All,

It’s looking like a move is likely so we’re firmly putting this up for sale. SALE FIGURE IS £49,100.90

As mentioned above, the vehicle is on finance but for peace of mind this can be cleared directly with MB by the new owner.

Note that it picked up a chip in the windscreen on the motorway yesterday (why aren’t mud guards mandatory yet?) and this is being replaced on Sunday (26th)