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Lorna at Exeter was probably the biggest reason we went with an MP over an ocean (plenty of other reasons as well)
When we first dropped in to look on the off chance they had one we were allowed to sit and play in the showroom model by ourselves for about an hour. Lorna introduced herself then left us to it. Conversely the VW salesman wouldn’t let us near anything although he did allow us to sit in a beach while chaperoned.

Before during and after ordering communication was very easy and the majority could be via email which is easiest for me as I work on client sites during the week. (Probably exchanged 150 emails or so over 5 months!)

Whilst the product knowledge wasn’t all that, nothing was too much trouble to find out and it appeared to know the right people to talk to.

Handover was fine, unfortunately the Marco didn’t fit in their “glass box” so we didn’t get a “tada” moment but we were there for three hours and they had a good playroom for the kids. At least two hours was going over the various features and our pre-prepared list of Marco specific questions.

All in all highly recommended!
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