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Bike Rack

James G

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Hi Gareth, I've got the MB rear mounted bike rack. Takes 4 bikes and is really well made. Comes off fairly easily. Providing there are no bikes on the rack then the tail gate opens no problem (but you can't open the small/window tailgate unless you remove entirely).
Would recommend
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Really glad to hear you’re pleased with your MB rear mounted James - a lot of MP owners seem to have gone for the towbar option but I am really keen to get the rear mounted.

If you can post any pictures of it up close or give any more info on how it fastens to the van/how it comes on and off and how quickly/easily that would be amazing.


We've also got the MB rear mounted bike rack. Really like it - carries 4 bikes easily and although you can't open the window, you can open the tailgate when there are no bikes on the rack. It does make you think about what you pack where, as you can't access anything right at the back once the bikes are on. We camped for 2 weeks last summer and didn't find this a problem.
I'm not sure how easily it comes off as we haven't taken it off. You do need to be 'at a height' to take it off as it lifts upwards. It attaches to the hinge of the tailgate. I'll put some pictures below. Hope these help.
upload_2019-2-21_17-43-4.jpeg upload_2019-2-21_17-43-51.jpeg upload_2019-2-21_17-44-34.jpeg upload_2019-2-21_17-46-53.jpeg


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Thanks so much Claire! Really appreciate you taking the time to post these, it’s really helpful. This looks really good and solid. To be honest I think I’ll just leave it on as well. I know you can’t open the split tailgate but I can’t imagine that being a massive problem. And usually whenever we get to camp the bikes are the first thing unloaded anyway because the kids want to tear off while we set up!!


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I have the Uebler P22S, only 2 bikes .
You can also order the P32S with is for 3 bikes .
You can buy an extension kit for both of these types so you ca have 3 or 4 bikes .
I went with my MP to the dealer and we tried about 15 bikeracks, this is the only one where we could open the tailgate even with the bikes on . Tight fit but it works .
Also compatible with electric bikes, max 30kG per bike
hope this helps ;)


I appreciate this is an old thread but has anyone managed to find a tailgate bike rack other than the MB one?
MB site states not compatible with AMG model?
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The Thule BackPac 2 (model 973) has already been mentioned, and I have mentionned it in an earlier thread as well. I love this bike rack as it has the same way of mounting as the rear door fitted MB one, only you can adjust the height where the bikes sit. This is brilliant, as you can have the bike sit so low that they don't extend past the height of the MP, and it is much easier to get the bikes on and off the rack.

Highly recommend this rack, although it seems it has been discontinued now, without being replaced by a worthy alternative.


We have the MB one on an AMG. there are pictures on another thread of one. On MB Germany you can put chassis number in to check compatible


That's what got me confused..
After seeing photos.
When I enter my number it comes up with not compatible
Also campervantastic have replied, with the same.
I do have an unused tow bar, so I have that option, just liked the idea of always having it on the van, rather than in storage but then the bikes are anyway.
Atera rack it will probably be


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Yes, that is the reason. I went for the Vario as opposed to the DL because when folded it can be easily stowed in the cabin whilst out cycling.
Hi, we just picked up a 2016 250D 4x4 AMG line a week ago here in Norway and tried camping in the weekend. So far so good, but now we are looking for a bike rack (4 bikes). Seems that the Vario 3 has been discontinued? Is the equivalent model called EVO 3 now? DL 3 is still available. But what happens if you by accident open the electric back door without tilting/sliding your rack? I understand that max. opening of the door can be programmed.


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You would have to try quite hard to accidentally open the back door :) it would hit the bike rack - struggle for a bit then close... I reprogrammed the key fob so the button opens the window to prevent this kind of thing happening..